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News and Editorial

News and Editorial Communications

Information is the name of the game

Our news and editorial team is the hub for external communications for the University, working with the media to elevate UConn’s reputation on a national level. We develop written and multimedia content that primarily appears on UConn’s news website, UConn Today. Further, our office holds primary responsibility for external media relations and story pitching, emergency communications management, and organizing news events and press conferences.

UConn Today

Our University news website is the first place UConn Nation visits for UConn stories, photographs, and videos. Our writers – each responsible for specific University beats – weave compelling narratives to publicize important information about the institution and its programs, faculty, and students. These pieces, which are enhanced by masterful videos and captivating photographs shot and edited by our staff, are the starting point for UConn’s external communications efforts. We recently launched a new, mobile-friendly site with rich photo and video capabilities, easy story sharing on social media, and an email subscription service.

Media Relations & National Reputation

Those within the University community know all about UConn’s greatness. The news and editorial team serves to spread that information outward, leveraging partnerships with local outlets and making big pitches to national media to attain coverage of UConn research, initiatives, and downright interesting stories. Our spokespeople and editorial associates are the go-to sources of institutional information for journalists, answering their questions when news breaks and connecting reporters with faculty experts for features and in-depth stories.


You live it. We capture it. The stunning visuals and emotional facets of many UConn stories are best expressed through multimedia. Striking a perfect balance between informative and fun, our videos range from 15-second Instagram shorts to minutes-long narratives that underscore the driven, intelligent spirit of the University. Through skilled camerawork and creative editing, we shed light on everything UConn, including our winning athletics teams and adorable mascots, unique clubs and activities, groundbreaking research and high-achieving students, and more. View our work at

Social Media

Social media experts run UConn’s institutional accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and a number of other platforms. With a distinctly UConn voice, we use these tools to enhance the University’s reputation, increase visibility for our initiatives, engage new audiences, and promote news and accomplishments. We also offer social media training to groups throughout the University, maintain University social media guidelines, and provide resources for University employees who manage official UConn social media accounts.

Media Training

Our media training is designed to instill confidence among members of the academic community in speaking with news media. Led by a team of UConn communicators who are former reporters and editors, the presentation outlines the value to researchers, administrators, and the University of responding to media queries. The hour-long session covers how to prepare for an interview with a reporter and what to anticipate. We discuss when to defer to University Communications and when to admit that something is beyond one’s area of expertise. Trainings also cover the importance of deadlines, the pitfalls of going “off the record,” the Freedom of Information Act, and the use of social media in promoting expertise.

To learn more about media training, contact Kristen Cole at